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Choose Wisely, Let Go and Live Life!

by Callie England on August 8, 2012

We live in a crazy world. A world overfilled with negativity, hate, pressure, and just about every other self-defeating energy you can think of. To live happily, to live abundantly and to live freely (i.e., on your own terms) doesn’t always come easy. I should know, as I lived almost 20 years of my life not realizing that I had a choice in the above matter. I saw happiness as a reward to achieving certain (superficial) goals. I told myself things like “If I could just lose 10 more pounds, I’ll be happy” – I reinforced the idea that I was not worthy of living a beautiful life, while letting this crazy world we live in get the best of me.

So, when a friend asked me  ”what makes your heart sing, what puts a smile on your face, what do you do when you’re feeling down and how do you turn that frown around” I immediately knew the answer: Remembering that everything in this world is choice. We choose how we feel, we choose who we are and we choose the kind of life we live. Sure, there are catastrophic things that happen without our control, but we have the ability to choose how we respond to those events.

This past year, I’ve embarked upon the most emotionally nutty journey of my life. I’ve pushed myself to the limits emotionally and physically and as of right now, I understand that this won’t be letting up anytime soon. However, in the emotional chaos that my life has become, I’m finding happiness in reminding myself that everything in this world is choice. Just knowing that I have the power to feel any emotion at any time is truly what puts a smile on my face. Although, I have not mastered this concept (I am human after all), the hope of it’s possibility keeps my spirits lifted. It’s somewhat tough love in nature, as most people don’t want to except that where they may be in life (emotionally or physically) is a result of their own choices, but it’s as simple as that. I constantly remind myself  that no matter how bad the situation may be, I have a choice in how I perceive it – I can go crazy and pull the “woe is me” act, or, I can make lemonade with dem’ lemons. Let me tell you, sanity requires the latter.

One choice I’ve personally made that has impacted my emotional self the greatest, was when I chose to Let Go (or at least, embrace this concept). Being in such a transitional point in my life, I have found the most peace with a simple reminder to ‘let go’ and have faith. I’ve stopped fighting the unnatural, I’ve stopped trying to control how people perceive me (no matter my actions) and most importantly, I’ve stopped living by what I expected my life to look like 10 years ago – as those expectations were preventing me from finding happiness in a different path. I no longer fear the future as much as I once did, because a) I truly believe everything happens for a reason and b) I can’t exactly control the future, so why be miserable trying? Rather, I make smart decisions in the moment, while letting the rest fall (or not fall) into place.

Moreover, I find happiness in constantly asking myself “If I were to die tomorrow, would I be ok with what I’ve done so far?”. It may seem dark in nature, but by constantly asking myself this question, I find it helps me live more in the moment – as opposed to living for tomorrow. A lot of times, I let fear of rejection hold me back from doing things, and this concept (what if today were my last?) has helped me break through that fear. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t want leave this world with any regrets. Because after all, isn’t that what’s it’s all about? Choose to be happy, learn to let go and most importantly, never let anyone keep you from fully living your life.

Much love,
Callie England Rawxies


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