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Jicama Potato Salad

by Callie England on March 25, 2011

My mother is slightly nuts. (Hi mom – Love you…)

All I’m going to say, is that when she showed up on my doorstep last night for her three night stay with me, she had brought her own paper towels, kleenex, kleenex hand towels… And get this… toilet paper.

Seriously. Seriously!?

So now, next to my toilet, is her roll and my roll… Insert: Bashing head against wall :)

Any who, before she arrived yesterday, I decided to whip up a batch of Jicama Potato Salad from Mathew Kinney’s book ‘Everyday Raw’. Now, for the most part, I rarely ever follow a recipe because It’s just not my style – which is, somewhat rebellious. But more than that, I’ve just had a lot of past fails with published recipes. And I’m talking established raw food chef’s recipes. For the record though, Raw Food, Real World and Living Raw Foods rarely ever fail me (just saying…). So, given those past recipe flops I’m often hesitant to bust out the books. However, when it comes to Mathew Kenny (one of the master minds behind the original Raw Food, Real World), I have quite a bit of faith in his recipes.

I won’t give out the exact recipe (I know, lame), but I will break down the ingredients for you.

Rawxy - Jicama Potato Salad

Jicama Potato Salad (altered a bit)

Jicama, red pepper (actually called for yellow), green olives, red onion, and a bubbies pickle (I added this).


Tahini, cumin, lemon, parsley, tamari, salt, chili powder.

Rawxy - Jicama Potato Salad
Ok, so here’s the deal – Always trust your gut instincts. Going into this recipe, I wasn’t thinking – which, ultimately cost me some time and a few ingredients.

If you own Everyday Raw and ever attempt this recipe, let me give you a few tips – because flavor wise, it’s actually great enough to make again.

- Do not (repeat: do not) go in to this thinking ‘potato salad’. Instead, think ‘jicama slaw’, and with that, I highly recommend shredding the jicama as opposed to cutting it into cubes. The cubes are what for me, ruined the whole damn salad. You’d get a mouth full of yumminess, but then spend the next five minutes chewing the jicama – which meant, all you tasted was jicima. No thank you.

- Shred the jicama. Oh wait, I already said that… See, I’m not messing around. Shred. The. Jicama.

- Do not add water to the dressing. This is where I did go with my gut instinct and thank goodness I did, as it would have been a watery mess! I’m quite confused how a dressing for jicama could/would call for so much water! That to me, seems like a typo. Again, leave out the water.

So, there you have it… My somewhat flop! Tell me what you think of recipe books -

Do you use them? Mostly for inspiration!
Do you own a bunch?
I own quite a few, but nothing like some people. In fact, given my love for food, you’d probably be surprised at how few I really do own.
Do you find cooked recipes books to be more reliable than raw?
Totally! However, I believe this is because cooked ingredients are a bit more reliable (and/or easier to mess with) – as opposed to raw, which are always different in flavor, water consistency, etc…
Any published recipes you think are off the charts (if so, please share the names :) )?
Flatbread Pizza from Everyday Raw. It was one of the first gourmet raw recipes I made, and it blew me away – it’s very Mediterranean in flavor. Love, love, love!



Well, I’m off to spend the weekend with Mommy Dearest (wire hangers!?!?). If I make it out alive, I’ll see you next week :)



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  • Jane Van Benthusen

    Have fun with your mama! ;) I made this recipe once and it was a watery mess. Blech. Thank for filling me in. I think I will try it again. Thanks! Gorgeous pics as always!

    • Callie England

      Thanks, Jane! Ok – so I’m glad I’m not the only one! I loved the flavors, but the assembly – No thanks :(

  • Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Your mom and my mom should totally hang out. :)

    I have a bunch of cookbooks/magazines, but more and more I use the 8 billion recipes I have saved on Delicious. And then I mess with them. It’s too much fun to create… and yeah, that has led to some flops. Live and learn!

    • Callie England

      haha. That made me laugh out loud. Crazy moms, I swear… :)

      I agree – delicious all the way! Plus, when a recipe comes from the web, you’re much more open to shifting things around – Which, in my opinion, is what always leads to success!

  • Rawkinmom

    LOLOLOL….that is SO my mom!!! Her power went out a few winters ago and had to stay with us for a few days…..GEEZ!!! It was NUTS!! LOL
    I can never follow a recipe…even my own!!! My husband is constantly telling me my recipes never taste the same twice!! I <3 to be rebellious!!! :)

    • Callie England

      hahaha! Glad to hear you can relate. I find a glass of wine (or four) usually calms her down a bit! However, wine or no wine, she definitely cloroxed my floors first thing yesterday morning… I just mopped my floors the night before. Rolling eyes… :)

  • Nadia

    Thank god I live in the same city as my mom and there is no need for her to come over for a night… not to mention more than that :) ))

    As for the books I have a few and there is nothing interesting in them, so I just gave up buying and decided to write one ;) And now that I read your post, I’m definitely sending you one for review when it’s done :) )) In my country in my own language there is not a single one on raw food, people don’t even know what that means, so I already got an offer to write it in bulgarian, but to stay true I’m making an english copy as well :)

    • Callie England

      Yes, yes, yes! I’d love to review :) I love this though, as I’m hoping the food will have a Bulgarian flair to it – Which, would bring something new to the world of raw!

  • nelly

    i feel the same way about recipes in raw cookbooks…they are always a flop…and i always used to wonder if it was me that was doing something wrong…now, i know. i find that with everyday raw, the recipes have HUGE servings…the only everyday raw recipe that worked for me was the granola…but i also ended up adding and changing a few things.

    girl! i have to say your blog is so beautiful, the pictures you take are so spectacular…love love love it!!!!

    so why did your mom bring her own stuff? toilet paper? what was her reasoning? is it softer than yours?

    have a beautiful weekend.

    • Callie England

      No, girl – Some raw recipes just suck. And, shoot, some of mine probably suck as well. :)

      No clue what’s up with the toilet paper thing. However, I’m leaning towards control freak… Although, when she showed up and I questioned the purchase, she replied ‘Well, I didn’t know if you’d have any…’ WTF… No, mom, I’ve started using dish towels ??? haha…

  • nelly
  • Charissa

    Beautiful…so this would like a crunchy “potato salad” version?

  • kate@ahealthypassion

    What an awesome idea to use jicama as a potato salad it looks so delicious and fresh, and your photos are gorgeous! Have a great weekend :)

  • Lauren

    Lol, your mom sounds so funny! Haha! This looks great, I never follow recipes either!

  • Jojo

    That salad looks beautiful, though! The cubed jicama makes it look like traditional potato salad. Maybe if you dehydrate the cubes a little, then let it marinate in the dressing overnight to soak the flavors in, it’ll help with the wateriness and the flavorlessness.

  • leo

    The dish looks nice and health~~

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