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by Callie England on February 5, 2011

Who doesn’t love Mexican food!? I mean, really…

I know personally, I love it. Not as much as Asian food, but a definite second. Most people assume when going vegan and/or raw, that it means giving up some of their favorite foods. Which is sad, because that’s so not true! In fact, when I went to Mexico the first summer after going raw, I was in heaven consuming fresh guacamole three times a day. It’s amazing how many dishes are actually raw, and if not, can easily be converted.

For example: tortilla chips. Sure, the raw version isn’t going to taste like your traditional fried ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique and tasty alternative. Moreover, an alternative that’s actually good for you and makes you feel good! One that is light, crispy and won’t weight you down – it’s the best of both worlds, no?

This chip was inspired by a salad recipe calling for corn, jalapenos and radishes. I loved the idea so much, that I decided to convert it into a chip. I also loved the inclusion of radishes, as I believe they are one of the most overlooked vegetables in the produce isle. The radish, among many things, can help reduce cholesterol, support the digestive system, reduce blood pressure, and potentially, help prevent cancer. Truly making it, an amazing food!

Besides the chips, I’ve also included a quick recipe for the easiest and most delicious vegan/raw sour cream on the planet! It’s so good, that it’s almost become a staple in my kitchen. Not only is great with the above, but it’s also delicious with fresh carrots! The guacamole speaks for itself though, as it’s just a quick mixture of fresh avocado, pressed garlic, and a dash of sea salt.

Rawxy - radish tortilla chips

Radish Tortilla Chips

10 radishes (washed, dried)
2 C Corn
6 campari tomatoes
1 tsp sea salt
2 T lime juice
.5 – 1 jalapeno
2/3 C chia seeds

In a high-speed blender, combine all ingredients except for the chia seeds. Blend on high until a smooth consistency is reached. Once blended, add chia seeds by hand. Spread mixture evenly on two nonstick dehydrator sheets. Using a pizza cutter, cut a square pattern and then a diagonal through each square. Or, wait until mixture is somewhat pliable and cut using scissors. Let dehydrate at 105 for 6-8 hours, then flip to mesh D sheets. Continue dehydrating until crispy, about 12-24 hours.

Rawxy - radish tortilla chips

Rawxy - radish tortilla chips

Raw Vegan Sour Cream

1 C soaked cashews (rinsed)
.5 to .75 C water
2 Acidophilus pills
dash of sea salt

In a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. Let blender run for a few extra seconds to warm up and jump start the fermenting process. Once blended, place contents in a glass jar (without lid) and let sit in a warm/dark place for at least 24 hours. One fermented, place in refrigerator.

Rawxy - radish tortilla chips

And that’s it – An alternative that’s full of flavor and nutritional goodness!

Have a good weekend!

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  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com Lauren

    These are so pretty!! :) And I am sure yummy! Perfect Superbowl snack.. not that I care about football..lol!

    • Callie England

      Thanks, Lauren! Oh, tell me about it – Food > Football :)

  • http://natureinsider.com Nadia

    Callie, you are a pro food photographer & styler! The photos are great!
    I’m making these radish tortilla chips next week for sure :)

    • Callie England

      Thanks, Nadia!

  • http://hihorosie.blogspot.com hihorosie

    Hiya Callie! Thanks for the visit at my lil ol’ blog today. Appreciate the comment. :) Your radish chips (with the yummy cashew sour cream) look great! What an interesting take on the traditional corn chip. I’ll have to try this. And cool ceramic knife. I want one of those except it wouldn’t hang on my magnet bar. hee hee!

    Oh and I’m so not jealous of your snow! I hate snow shovels too!

    • Callie England

      Thanks, Rosie! The radishes yield just the perfect amount of ‘differentness’, ha. The knife (one of many, I’m addicted) is from the Kuhn-Rikon brand and I have them all attached to my magnet strip – Even with their protective covers on! I thought they wouldn’t stick, but sure enough, they do!

      • http://hihorosie.blogspot.com hihorosie

        awesome, good to know!

  • http://www.rebeccasremedy.com Rebecca Hawkinson

    What a cool idea! I can’t wait to try these… I love the colors in the photos, excellent post :)

  • http://www.colourfulpalate.com Charissa

    Beautiful photos…love the pink background. Those chips sound good…I bet the radish gives it a good spice!

  • http://www.vegansunshine.com whitney

    Those bars look really good I want to try to make them! However I do not have hemp or chai seeds :(


    • Callie England

      Whitney – not a problem! That’s what I love about this recipe (I made it again this week and had to sub a few things as well). Ok, so you could add in sprouted (soaked for about 3-4 hours) quinoa, millet and/or buckwheat (obviously soak those longer)- OR, just increase any of the other ingredients to replace the hemp and chia seeds :) You could even add in things like sesame seeds, cranberries, etc… Promise, it will still be great!

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  • http://uncooking101.com Eva {uncooking101}

    Hey Callie! Do you need to soak the chia seeds for this recipe? Seems it wouldn’t work very well without soaking…

    • Callie England

      Hi, Eva! Add the chia seeds after you’ve blended the base mixture and then let them soak for a bit – the mixture isn’t really runny, so it won’t take much time!

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