Walnut Pâté with Balsamic Figs

by Callie England on December 14, 2010

It’s no secret, I love ring molds and nut cheeses. Together, they’re one fabulous duo.

Alongside the caper hummus, I created this dish to take with me Saturday night. Kind of like my caper craving, I’ve also been obsessing over black mission figs lately. Can you blame me though? I mean, they are pretty delicious! Any who, I loved the idea of the fermented walnut cheese with the sweet figs and tart balsamic – to me, it just hollered declicious potential.

This will need to be made a couple days in advance to allow for soaking and fermentation time. Also, for step by step instructions, please see my leek and herb nut cheese.

Walnut Pâté with Balsamic Figs

for the pâté:

3 cups of walnuts, soaked overnight and rinsed
1 C of water (you might need 1.5 blender depending)
2 acidophilus pills

1 t of lemon juice
1 t of nutritional yeast
.5 t sea salt

In a high-speed blender, blend first set of ingredients until smooth. Secure cheesecloth in a jar or bowl and place mixture. Leave in a dark, room-temperature area for at least 24 hours.

Once fermented, release mixture from cheesecloth. Mix the remaining ingredients by hand. Set aside.

Balsamic Figs

.5 C dried figs, sliced thinly
.25 C aged balsamic vinegar

Mix figs with balsamic vinegar. Let sit for at least 12 hours, mixing every few hours. After figs have marinated, place figs in a food processor and pulse until chunky.


crushed walnuts
dried figs, halved
balsamic vinegar

Mix fig puree and walnut pâté together. Pack mixture into a 3″ ring mold (this made enough to make a 3″ mold and a 1.75″ mold, seen above). Place mold in freezer for about 45 minutes – or, until firm. Once set, release pâté from mold. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, top with crushed walnuts and garnish with sliced fig.


I’m currently running on 3 hours of sleep, but wanted to get this up before things get even more hectic! I’m about half way through re-shooting projects for my portfolio and it’s been one tiring task – to say the least. I’d shoot about 200 images, then realize, I forgot to put the camera in raw. I’d shoot another 200 and realize, I needed an under light. I’d shoot another 200… Well, you get the point. The highlight of the day, was when I was on a ladder trying to photograph an identity system and I got to close to the tungsten bulb – Within 2 seconds it literally singed a chunk of my hair off. I’d say about 15 strands, but still, the smell was horrible! Luckily, I was delusional enough to just bust out in laughter, as I played ‘show and tell’ with my missing hair to my co-workers. However, hair loss aside, I’m feeling very accomplished as It’s the first time I’ve documented any of my professional work in about 4 years (which is why, there is so much!).

As a shout out to my design work, if you fly US Airways in the new year and purchase the Power Nap Sack kit, you’ll have a “Callie original”. So, you better buy 2: one to use and one to cherish. :) Also, if you’re a first class fly-er, snatch an amenity kit, again – my design. The bag isn’t fancy, but I designed it to be reusable for carry on liquids. I have about 10+ factory samples and I love them – screw zip lock baggies! Oh, but the artwork on the front of that kit, NOT my design… That’s US Airways doing. Don’t get me started… (the PNS Kit is in a mesh bag, the Amenity kit is in a clear bag… They should be on-board within the next few months).

Ok, Back to photoshopping!

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  • http://almostveganblog.com Amber @Almost Vegan

    Wow, are we on the same page, or what? Well, maybe not the SAME page, but close. Within a page or two, for sure.

    (I just posted about my own balsamic-fig nut cheese! :) )

    • Callie England

      Haha, we totally are! I’m a few days behind on my google reader, so I hadn’t seen it yet – all caught up now :)

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  • http://prefontaine44.blogspot.com Maria

    Hi! My name is Maria, and I am part of the crazysexylife.com team. We would love to feature a recipe of yours, and of course, give you credit. You can e-mail me at maria@crazysexywellness.com if you would like to give us permission to do so. Thanks!
    (I feel like I’ve asked you this already, but I am drawing a blank! Graduate school is frying my brain. Forgive me!)

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