Deals and Steals

by Callie England on July 7, 2010

I have a rule; If I can buy it on sale, I do. Not to complex, eh?

Seriously though, two reasons why I adhere to the above:

1: I live hand to mouth. Apparently, art isn’t the field you go into if you want to make a ton of money…

2: For the shear fact that prices are so jacked up, it’s insane! Like I posted a while back, working with manufacturers overseas has made me realize just how much we pay for a brand… it’s absurd.

So any who, it should come as no surprise that I love (repeat: love) TJ Maxx. Honestly, I’d say about 70% of the items in my kitchen are TJ Maxx finds. In fact, my mom found most of her all-clad pans there (although, she still paid a shi-ton for them, ha), but still, you can find almost anything and everything there (no need to pay full price).

Here are some of my favorite/most recent finds:

Basic white bowls: the bottom two are Fitz and Floyd @ $2 a bowl and the top two, were $1.50 a bowl.

Ok, I’m a little sad (ok, more like, severely upset) that as I was opening these, one slipped out and broke all over my tile floor… Ughh. So now, I only have 3 :( ohwell, I still love these little ramekins, perfect for raw puddings and desserts. Total cost for Chantel Ramekins, $8 (for 4, not 3, ha…). These are .5 cup ramekins, but they also had 1 cup ramekins that were bright yellow-orange, which, I think I might end up going back for…

These are one of my most favorite purchases (actually came from Tuesday Mornings, same diff though)- they are the Zak Designs ice cream spoons. The week before I found these, I was actually considering ordering them off of amazon, so I was pretty stoked when I saw them sitting on the shelves. Zak spoons (for 4), total $4.

Best horizontal peeler, EVER – it even peels eggplant effortlessly. I also love the Kuhn julienne peeler, which is great for when I don’t feel like pulling out the mandoline. I use both of these daily– love, love, love them. Plus, I also just love Kuhn’s modern designs and bright colors! Price was around (I think) $8-9 a piece.

These spices are great, but not organic (I’m not a huge nazi with that though). Mom has the lemon pepper and it’s divine — and I’m completely jealous, as I can’t find it anywhere! Each spice was about $4.50 a jar. I also like (being a slight design snob and all, ha), how pretty the jars look in my pantry… just lovely.

ok, if you’re like me, you’re skeptical about buying stuff like oils from TJ Maxx. However, these have proved otherwise. I seriously am in love with the lemon oil – and the littlest bit goes a long way! The white truffle oil is nothing short of amazing (again, little bit/long way). I’ve been using just a tad bit of the truffle oil mixed with reg. olive oil on zucchini noodles, and it’s to live for! Every time I smell it, I’m transported to the truffle restaurant in Cologne, that If you remember, I absolutely adore!

So there you have, no need to pay full price, when virtually all things good are at TJ Maxx! Now, back to rearranging cabinets and drawers to make room for more great finds.

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  • Averie

    love all your finds! i have a few Zak bowls and they are great!

    • Callie

      ahhh, jealous- the bowls are great too! I especially like the recycled melamine ones.

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